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When to Retire Your Belt

When to Retire Your Belt

Dec 29,2017
When to Retire Your Leather Belt

The lifetime of a leather belt depends on a couple of factors:

·         The belt material

·         Whether the belt buckle is plated or solid metal

When it comes to leather belts for men, the leather will become stretched and deformed after about nine to 12 months of daily use. Also, belts that are only glued—opposed to stitched and glued ones—are more delicate and can come apart more easily. At that point, a leather belt has lost most of its former glory and is ready to be replaced. 

One more phenomenon that warns you to retire your leather belt is Wrinkle.

Wrinkles are natural result of leather aging. By taking care of your leather belts you can postpone the wrinkles, but sooner or later they will come up anyway. It is natural process.

But if the wrinkle on your leather belt is just like below image, we would recommend you to choose a new one:)

Canvas belts can be much tougher than ones made out of leather. For these belts, the buckle itself will often show signs of wearing first.However, this can also happen to leather belts …… and the only real way to avoid this is to buy a high-quality belt with a solid metal belt buckle.Brass was long the preferred metal for belt buckles, as it’s lustrous and stands up to wear very well. It’s still a classic, but today, stainless steel is the most popular and affordable buckle option for both canvas and leather belts for men.

Belts for men have become a fashion accessory. We actually go shopping for belts like women go for their handbags. Wearing the right belt is absolute necessary. If somehow, the belt is not right or it doesn’t match the outfit, the entire attire doesn’t seem okay. Men’s belts are now available online on many sites.

Hongmioo believes a man should at least have three belts in his wardrobe. One for his formal attire that is mostly a leather belt. One for his semi-casual outfits and one casual belt for the casual outfits. Various belts could make it easier to find a suitable one for your suit and that could reduce loss of each belt as you don’t need to wear the same belt every day.

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