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Custom Golf Belts

Custom Golf Belts

Customized golf belts used by Japan Golf Club, rich craftsmanship and colors, environmentally friendly materials, and a sustainable factory with 21 years of experience in golf belt production. Various Golf belts. White golf  belts,Braided Stretch Belts,Canvas Elastic Belts,Casual Golf Belts,Golf Men's Reversible Web Belts etc.

We have the ability to produce new items and design new styles to meet our customers' requirements. OEM/ODM service is available in our factory. And we have certification of BSCI, BV, ISO 9001,VF,SMETA. Welcome to send us inquiry, and we'd like to provide you the good quality products with competitive price. 

Free design of golf belts. Low MOQ to custom golf bets.

1,High elasticity and non-porous: Made of elastic woven polyester blended material, durable and flexible. There are no holes in the braided strap, and the metal claws can go through any place you need, and it will always suit you.
2-piece men's belt: 2 different colors, same size. Available in black, beige, gray, brown, blue and white.
More comfortable: This woven belt is made of soft and lightweight material, which is more comfortable than other traditional belts. Nothing goes deep into your abdomen like a leather belt. Do not miss.
Width: The width of the watch is 1 1/4 inches (32mm), which can easily pass through the jeans ring.

2,Color style: 16 colors available or 3 pieces, can match any jeans, khaki pants and golf pants
Buckle: Each belt has a separate buckle, the metal military style buckle is tightly fixed, easy to untie, suitable for golf belts, outdoor belts
Flexible fit-the waistband is fully adjustable and easy to cut, suitable for any waist size up to 56 inches (about 142.2 cm). Pull the buckle to loosen the belt, adjust the cut, put the belt back and fix the buckle.
Features: Cut to fit waist size 52 inches, 56 inches (142CM) long, and 1.5 inches (3.81CM) wide. Men's belts, men's black belts, golf belts, men's golf belts, men's belts, men's black belts, canvas belts, men's black belts, men's mesh belts, white belts, mesh belts, men's tall belts, men's canvas belts, yellow belts, Green belt, blue belt,  boy scout belt
Material: High-density canvas cotton webbing, with high durability and elasticity.

3, Each belt is  top-quality, colorful cotton threads to ensure that the delicate pinpoint patterns will continue to be beautiful in the next few years.
High-quality full-grain belts and backing are used to ensure long life of the belt, and it is comfortable to wear when matched with formal or casual pants. The belt width is 1.25 inches (31.75 mm).
Unique appearance, suitable for cocktail parties or offices. These belts are perfect gifts for men.
Size information: We recommend ordering casual khakis that are 5.08 cm larger than the normal waist (that is, men with a waist of 91.44 cm should order a belt of 96.52 cm). However, if you wear an odd number of pants, we recommend that you order 3 inches (approximately 7.6 cm) larger than your waist circumference (that is, men who wear size 35 pants should order a 38-inch belt). This is the best way to find the correct size.
Size 32 Belt size: 33 inches from the buckle end to the center hole, and the hole spacing is 0.75 inches. A total of 5 belt holes.

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