Belt makes men looks better

Belt makes men looks better

May 9,2018
    Men have limited choice of accessories to carry. Belts enhance the look of every outfit that men carry be it shots, jeans or dress pants. 
    Men can play with looks with some edgy dressy belts having different textures, colors, width or prints. These days you can get a good collection of belts that add quotient to your look. Check out some styles.
Different Style Belts
Perforated Leather Belt

  A central line of broguing with minimal detailing and a nice finish on a handsome leather belt with a sleek buckle. 
    Pair with a trouser for your formal look.
Square Buckle Logo Belt

    Square matte buckle with decent texture on Leather.

    The classic genuine leather belt for your casual-formal wear.
Polo Bear-Overlay Webbed Belt
    It is 1 ¼ wide with cotton webbing on leather with added pointed leather tip.

    As long as you are confident enough to carry it off with denim or trousers, this belt is a great choice for your happening look.
Brown & Navy Reversible Braided Belt
    A belt with fashionable weaved texture and facility to wear it in two different colors. 

    Antique gold tone metal swivel buckle and keeper on 1 ½” width.
    Men's belt is a prominent accessory, buying a good quality belt is a wise choice to make. 
    Look for good quality leather and metal which you can find easily in Hongmioo.

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