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Guide to Men's Belt-2

Guide to Men's Belt-2

Aug 13,2019
Guide to Men's Belt-2

Formal Belts

     As we have talked before in the news”What We Should Know About A Formal Belt?”, you may know some basic information about the formal belts.

And there is one thing we want to add, how to match your suit.

Matching a Formal Belt with Your Outfit

     When you're wearing a formal belt, be careful to match your leathers and match your metals: the strap of your belt should not only be the same color but also the same level of shininess as your shoes and other leather accessories, and the buckle should be the same color as your other metal jewelry and accessories (with the exception of your wedding ring, which can contrast with the other metals you wear).

Casual Belts

      Casual belts come in many more types, styles, and colors than formal belts, and can be used to show more of your personality and individual style.

Accent Piece or Centerpiece?

      A big consideration to make when wearing a casual belt is whether you want it to be an accent piece or a centerpiece.

     An accent piece is subtle, low-key, and complements the rest of your outfit. It's usually in coordinating or neutral colors.

A centerpiece demands attention, and contrasts with the rest of your outfit.

    While dress belts are pretty much always accent pieces, casual belts can be accent or centerpiece accessories.

    There's nothing wrong with either approach. You just want to dress appropriately for the effect you want.

     A good accent belt should share some of the characteristics of the other pieces in your outfit. Similar or matching colors is an obvious choice, and how most men generally select their belts and shoes. A casual belt should still match your metals, but you've got more leeway on the leathers — brown with tan or tan with white is fine. Of course with casual outfits, you're often not wearing leather at all — either in your shoes or in your belt. You don't need to match the color of a casual belt of leather, or any other material, with the color of canvas/cloth sneakers. Just let the color of the belt work with your overall get-up; when in doubt, go with brown.

      Centerpiece belts, on the other hand, are there to provide deliberate contrast, and provide a sharp, divergent punch of color or style compared with the rest of your get-up. They work best when the rest of the outfit isn’t too filled with colors and patterns. One or two bright elements are enough — more just looks too gaudy and busy.

     Keep in mind that you don't want to wear an eye-catching statement belt if you're not confident about drawing attention to your waist!

We will talk about the details of casual belts in the next week news. 

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