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How do I use a gait belt

How do I use a gait belt

Apr 3,2020

How do I use a gait belt?

· Put the belt around the person's waist over his clothing with the buckle in front.

· Thread the belt through the teeth of the buckle. Put the belt through the other 2 loops to lock it.

· Be sure the belt is snug with just enough room to get your fingers under it.

· If possible, the person should be encouraged to push down on the chair or bed, while you lean forward and grasp the belt on both sides. The person should be held at the waist instead of the arms or shoulders.

· Lift or move the person with your arm and leg muscles. Do not use your back muscles.

· Do not twist your body when you move or lift the person.

· When you are done moving or walking with the person, remove the gait belt.

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