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What is 1 Ply or 2 Ply Belt?

What is 1 Ply or 2 Ply Belt?

May 21,2020

What is 1 Ply or 2 Ply Belt?

Heres the ideal answer: get both. Of course, if youre facing the decision to choose either one or the other, then thats not very helpful. Here at Hongmioo, weve received a number of questions regarding the versatility and utility of our 1 ply regular belts as well as our 2 ply tactical belts - so much so, in fact, that its one of our frequently asked questions. Our FAQ page is full of many great questions and even greater answers, so if youd like to learn more about our products, we highly recommend spending some time over there!

There are three types of pant wearers: those who religiously throw on our belt, those who opt for stretch-fit pants now and then, and those who dont mind dealing with loose, saggy trousers. Perhaps the latter group hasnt experienced the comfort, simplicity, and rugged versatility of a Hongmioo Belt.

If youre simply looking for an everyday belt thats going to comfortably support your pants and provide unparalleled adjustability, our 1 ply regular belts will do the job just fine. Our single ply nylon is more durable and pliable than you might think! From outdoor adventurers to workaholics, this is the ideal all-purpose, everyday belt.

Do You Carry Heavy Gear On Your Waist?

Our 2 ply tactical belts are more than able to handle casual wear, but if you routinely carry just about any amount of weight on your person - specifically, your waist- then our 2 ply tactical belts are the way to go.

Theyre specifically designed with law enforcement officials, military members, SWAT, and special ops forces in mind.

Though our standard nylon is built to withstand the most strenuous conditions, we recommend going with our tactical belts to handle more weight. ‘’high-strength nylon and an inner ply with a proprietary webbing system. Better yet, theyre also triple stitched to ensure that nothing ever comes undone.

For those dedicated to keeping the United States free and safe, our 2 ply tactical belts are the only true way to go.

Chances are, if you wear heavy gear on your waist, that probably includes a holster and handgun. However, in America, you dont have to be a law enforcement officer or military member just so carry a gun on your person. There are many law-abiding citizens who rightfully have a handgun on them with a concealed carry solution. While our 1 ply belt can certainly handle the weight of your handgun, our 2 ply tactical belts are specifically designed for it.  


So, if you routinely concealed carry or live out on a large plot of private land and carry a handgun for recreational or defense-based purposes, Klik Belts highly recommends our tactical belts for sale.

You might think that were charging quite a lot for a simple belt, but when you consider the fact that we sell the most comfortable, easily adjustable, and strongest load-bearing belts on the planet, youre facing unmatched value. This initial investment will last you a lifetime and were confident that itll pay itself off after a few months of use!


Our 2 ply tactical belts do cost a little more than our standard 1 ply belts, but if youre a heavy-duty belt user, trust us: its worth it.

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