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Why is the cobra belt so hot?

Why is the cobra belt so hot?

Update Time:2018/7/15
Hot Product Cobra Belt
Recently, cobra belt has become one of the best selling products in foreign countries. Do you know why?

Conceal Carry More Comfortably

In the photos, you'll see that this belt is stiff, which was a prerequisite of mine. It held up a GLOCK 19 , knife, cuffs and an additional loaded magazine all while not crumbling over on itself.

And this belt is really rigid which allowed me to set the gun/holster higher on my waist, getting the gun/holster more on my lower back. This was enough of a difference, that I will conceal carry more often, because it's that much more comfortable.

Draw Your Firearm With Ease

Another result of the rigidity of the belt is when you draw your firearm. There's significantly less sag/slack. When you draw, the holster stays in place. The draw feels much smoother.
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