Cute Obi Belt Picks

Cute Obi Belt Picks

Update Time:2019/10/26

Cute Obi Belt Picks

Blulu 2 Pieces Women Wide Waist Belt Obi Cinch Waist Band

This pair of wide waist belts will make any outfit look chic and elegant. Its basic, no-nonsense, made-of-leather design makes it easy to match with anything. These pairs of belts are available in black and camel, and then black and red.


Cityelf Woman Leatherette Wide Waistband Obi Belt


Tall women with a thin physique can get a pretty shape with this obi belt. It has a waistband wide enough to shortena long torso while being long enough to run around the waist twice. This belt made of PU leather is available in colors such as black, dark blue, red, dark purple, lavender, gold, sea blue, and tan.


Samtree Obi Style Waist Belt


Want to channel a retro style? This obi belt features a slitted cut with a simple lace-up design. The slit makes it fit perfectly around wide waists and add an illusion of curves for straighter silhouettes. This leather cinch belt is available in black, brown, blue, navy blue, pink, pink, red, white, and yellow.


Colorful House Womens Velvet Wrap Obi Waistband Cinch Belts


Moving away from your straight-cut obi belts, this curvy velvet belt makes you look sexier. Its perfect to wear with blouses and dresses. Plus, the fancy tassels at the ends of the ribbons add a fancy, feminine touch.


Maikun Womens Hollow Lace Wide Belt Obi Waist Band


The lace on this belt feels extra, feminine, and sexy. Its a perfect addition to plain, solid-color attires. Beneath the lace material, theres a velvet lining soft PU leather that both feels soft and comfortable to wear.


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