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What is embossed Leather

What is embossed Leather

Update Time:2020/1/11

What is embossed Leather

Embossing is the art of producing raised patterns on the natural grain of an animal skin. The design is created by pressing rolling, or stamping. Embossments can cover the entire surface of a skin or just selected areas.


The parameters that influence the embossing:

The amount of pressure used to stamp the tools into the leather->The higher the pressure, the stronger and more durable the embossing.

The time required for the stamping->The longer the stamping pressure, the stronger and more durable the embossing.

The temperature used->The hotter the tool, the stronger and more durable the embossing.

The moisture content of the leather->Imprints in damp leather are clearer and more durable.

Prior to embossing, leather may be bonded with foam and lining on the back so that the embossed pattern sits neatly and retains its depth. Sometimes a fabric is glued to the back to prevent stretching and flattening of the embossed motif. Deeply imprinted motifs need to be stabilised with fillers. There is a wide variety of filling materials that can be used, from papier mâché to hot glue, but the decisive factors are their stability and flexibility.

Due to the longer exposure time at a hydraulic press, the embossed motif is more stable than if it was applied with a roller. Depending on the temperature, pressure and length of time, the embossing is more or less clear and stable. Moisturising the leather afterwards stabilises the motifs.

Embossing rollers and embossing stamps are expensive. Individual motifs are therefore often carved. It is also possible to create motifs on leather with lasers.


Almost any type of leather can be embossed. However, the embossing must be adjusted, depending on the type of leather. The resistance of an embossing depends on the embossing process. The higher the pressure and the temperature, and the more moisture in the leather, the more permanent the reshaping of the fibre. But, of course, there are also limits to the pressure and temperature that can be applied to each leather.

Often, leather is decorated to achieve a certain look. The grain structure of other animals can also be copied. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish even for experts if the grain structure is from the original animal or only an embossed copy.


There are some pictures show embossed leather with different pattern.


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