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Customers Visit Hongmioo's Leather Belt Factory

Customers Visit Hongmioo's Leather Belt Factory

Dec 7,2017

Companies will design new kind of product for next years promotion in the end of each year. Its a good way to expand their market.

This week, two of our regular customers visited Hongmioo's leather belt factory and discussed their new design belt for 2018 springs exhibition. Both of us have cooperated for several years and their company is famous in their country. In fact, they lead fashion trend and quality standard in their field.

We compared with some different materials and these years fashion trend. Finally we decided to use a new technology and process to produce new design belt.

Details of this new design belt is also an important point we need to discuss. Some details of the innovation may not be noticed in the first time but they will be useful in the future and can be the biggest highlight.  

In Hongmioo, we not only produce belts, but also make customer's dream come true.

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