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ALWAYS Look Polished & Put Together (8 Men’s Fashion Tips)

ALWAYS Look Polished & Put Together (8 Men’s Fashion Tips)

Mar 2,2020

ALWAYS Look Polished & Put Together (8 Mens Fashion Tips) 

I get it, you're in a rut.

There are days where you get out of bed and you're just not having it.  You just aren't motivated enough to put on a suit.

What if you knew some easy hacks to look amazing even on those days?

That's the topic of todays article. We're covering 8 quick mens fashion tips to always look put together (no matter what).

1. Organize Your Accessories

You can't wear your best watch if you don't know where it is. That's why organization is key.

Find a place to keep your rings, bracelets, and watches. It can be on your bedside table or somewhere closer to the front door. Stores sell jewelry boxes for a reason - they are useful when it comes to sorting.

Watch cases are available in a range of styles and price tags. This is a must if you're an enthusiast.

If you own automatic watch movements you might even consider a watch winder. These cases keep your watches rotating so they never run out of power.

2. Upgrade Your Uniform

I've talked about the importance of a uniform. This is your go-to look for any occasion. By upgrading your signature look, you can go out with a bang even on the worst days.

Let's talk about a few ways you can upgrade boring looks.

T-Shirt, Jeans, Running Shoes

Make sure the T-shirt is fitted and switch to a v-neck. You might even consider a casual button-down.

Denim that works for your body type. Try a slim fit if you're skinny and a straight leg if you're larger. Click here to learn more about picking the right jeans.

Upgrade to dress boots. These can be Chelseas, Chukkas, or even military-style boots.

Dress Shirt & Khakis

Replace the same old dress shirt with one that has a pattern. Try a Bengal stripe glen check to start.

Replace the Khakis with fitted chinos in navy or charcoal gray.

Wear double-monks in black to keep them appropriate for the office.

It's all about small adjustments that make a huge difference.

3. Purge Your Closet

This is how you make sure to have only the best.

Go through your closet this Saturday and make two piles; one for clothes you love, and one for clothes you haven't worn in six months or more.

The endgame is simple. You keep the clothes you love and donate the rest to goodwill. Congratulations, your closet looks better, and so do you.

4. Upgrade Your Shoe Game

We touched on this in the first point. Shoes have the ability to make a killer first impression if they're clean and appropriate.

The good news? There are hundreds -if not thousands to choose from. Whether you like the ruggedness of dress boots, sleeker brogues, or loafers for the Summer, there is something for every man.

A man with a badass pair of shoes will get treated like royalty compared to someone with beat-up sneakers.

5. Avoid Wrinkles At All Costs

Wrinkles make you look like a slob. Your clothes might be perfectly fitted with the best materials, but that won't matter.

Acquaint yourself with the ironing board, gentlemen. As boring as it sounds, you need to iron your clothing once a week to keep this from happening.

Believe me when I say that wrinkles are a huge turn-off.

6. Knowing How To Layer

When it comes to layering there are two things to consider: Color and patterns.

You should know the basics of color theory and know what colors match and which ones don't. Men can't go wrong with neutral colors.

White, gray, black, navy and brown are examples you can mix and match to your heart's content. Try to 

limit yourself to three colors, with the dominant colors being neutral. Then you can bring in bolder colors through pocket squares or ties (Only as the third color).
7. Pick A Signature Color

Now that you got the basics down, you should pick your go-to color. This is not only going to make dressing up easier, but it's also going to make shopping a breeze.


Think about what your favorite color is and leverage it make it part of your signature wardrobe. Just keep in mind your level of contrast.

The less contrast you have between your hair and face, the more you should find muted versions of your favorite colors.

8. Have A Great Bag

A quick men's fashion tip is to rock a badass bag. It doesn't matter if it's a suitcase for work, a duffle bag for the gym, or a toiletries bag for travel. High-quality leather conveys authority. When you picture a briefcase for instance, you picture the wealthy businessman.


No matter how you're feeling, you can look your best with minimal effort. It's all about organization and consolidation of your wardrobe. Once you have that down, nothing will stop you from being the man you know yourself to be.

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